serving those who have served us

Guardianship is for those men and women who have been fully or partially incapacitated or no longer capable of making independent decisions. When less restrictive alternatives to guardianship have been exhausted and no one has qualified to serve as guardian, Vet Guard can be there to step in and be an advocate for these veterans.


Volunteer opportunities are always available. Vet Guard USA, Inc. is supported by 100% tax deductible donations.

As a nation, we rightfully strive to recognize, appreciate and serve our veterans. We remember and honor their services and sacrifices. Unfortunately, far too many times we forget generations of veterans who have aged, are physically or mentally disabled, exploited, abused, abandoned, homeless, and/or are wards of the court. These men and women are our forgotten veterans. Many times these veterans' flags have stopped flying. They have lost hope and their sacrifices seem in vain.

Our Veteran Services include:


8111 Preston Rd #415

Dallas, Texas 75225


  • Veteran guardianship
  • Advocate for the veteran
  • Case management
  • Provide a safe and secure living environment
  • Consent for medical treatment
  • Arrange for support services
  • Apply for benefits
  • Recruit volunteer visitors

Veterans Remembered